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book as harpist or photographer


Justyna has experience playing for weddings and different corporate events for around ten years. She'll accompany you with her harp playing up and down the aisle, during the guest's arrival and will entertain during drinks. She can play special requests as well as background music, in styles ranging from folk, classical and pop music, and will be able to suggest suitable music for your occasion. 

session work/collaboration

Professional harp recordings for folk or pop tracks. Justyna loves to get into new music and is always open minded in her approach of composing harp tracks. Don't hesitate to get in touch, if you have ideas for a new collaboration.

photo shoot

Promotional pictures for musicians, artists and bands. Justyna has shot many portraits at various locations and would be happy to propose exciting spots for your photo shoot. 


Justyna is happy teaching both beginner, intermediate and more advanced harpists on both folk harp and classical harp. If you already have an instrument, she's also available for lessons online and, if you're based around Stockholm, she'll gladly take you through the first steps of harping.